Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Amjad - Singapore Arts Festival 2008

Édouard Lock's Montreal company La La La Human Steps does "Amjad" at Singapore's Esplanade Theatre!

"The composers for "Amjad" -- a 95-minute work performed on a bare black stage -- are hip. David Lang is a founder of the new-music collective Bang on a Can. Gavin Bryars is a first-generation British Minimalist. Blake Hargreaves is a Canadian composer who knows his way around an electronic music studio and reggae. The "Amjad" lighting is also hip: mostly harsh spots. The costumes, all but one black, with the men sometimes bare chested, are -- you guessed it -- hip. The dancing is daft and dazzling. Coupling is ambiguous and many-faceted. Film projections on three spherical screens of knotted foliage, pearls and filmy cloth added atmosphere of some sort. Amjad is an Arabic name appropriate for either gender" - a random dance review from Times Music Critic.

i loved the pas de duex, the sound of pointe on bare stage, the strong stage images and one particularly hot male dancer! from the bit that watched, he liked it a fair bit as well but i don't know if he is that into dance yet. the crowd behind us were more thrilled by the guest performer from Singapore Dance Theatre and in the same juvenile way, i was superbly thrilled when i heard dick in voiceover that i disregarded her stern instructions to silence my phone and sent her a text message from circle to stall..



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