Monday, June 2, 2008

the adventures of the little rock...

"uncle boon is judging me! i refuse to look at him!"

sly had an unfortunate incident with his left eye so i brought him home for minor surgery! (well, if you must know, his eye popped out..) and since he hasn't seen much of orchard road, i took him out for Gelare "Half-Price Waffles" day with the gang! and my pet remained calm and oblivious to the new surrounding, the teasing from MY friends and stares of disbelief from fellow onlookers! (you rock, sly! literally..)

well, quite an adventure for a small town rock i must say.. but most of all, i think he looked really pleased to be back in his cosy little apartment perched high on the bookshelf staring out into the bustling activity of bak kut teh and lapsup hotels along balestier road.. ahh, home is where the heart is!


  1. thanks! I love my friends.. always so tolerant and indulging in my nonsense! ;)

  2. how did his eye pop out? yikes.. did ya ill-treat him? *stares @ zy*
    anyway, where do you stay? I think u stay really near me leh!

  3. You have to let him make friends, you know. Not just your friends or imaginary ones cos that aint healthy, but other rock friends. Then he will be a well balanced rock. ;)

  4. haha my be all the lap sup gals and their short skirt!!! just kidding! i think we put him in the sun a bit too much so it melted the glue.. (all too technical..)
    my family lives along upper srg road but my bf (which is where the pet stays..)is at balestier behind the famous bak kut teh place!
    if you're at toa payoh, i can walk to your place i think! ;)

  5. hmmm good point! i should look into rock-play dates and maybe schedule some gymnastic/enrichment classes for him to interact with fellow rocks!!
    let me know when your dogggie wants to hang out! ;)

  6. I'm nearer than toa payoh.
    I stay behind SPC petrol station down the road!!

  7. wow!~ i know exactly where! ;) we are really a stone's throw away..


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