Wednesday, May 7, 2008

where's my brain at?

im so frustrated! i've been on the phone with the authorized dealer, nokia care center, any and everybody in the phone industry for the entire morning... i hate looking and losing things and just within 24 hours after i acquired a new company phone, (its pink!) i lost my entire original Nokia box with my warranty, charger, manuals and the full works! ;( 

how did i manage to do that in my short commute home from Hougang Mall! its like a freaking 2 minute train ride?? 

*le sigh*

anyone knows where i can buy an original box? i don't care personally if its my own phone but company phone quite sensitive issue especially if and when i leave, i would be in trouble!!!


  1. uh oh! hope you will be able to find it soon girl!! *pat pat*

  2. worse comes to worst, u think u can get it from ebay?

  3. good thinking!! worth a try! but i think the warranty is unreplaceable...

  4. ;( no luck yet! i think i misplaced it in the train!!

  5. Hey dear, if you think on the bright side, if u take good care of the phone, the warranty wont be needed and it's usually for only 1 yr anyway../.

  6. i know...but company phone.. better to have the entire original box and packaging.. ah well, i'll get over it in due time!
    wonder what someone else would do with my box, charger and user manuals!!


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