Tuesday, May 6, 2008

sprint duathlon...

this is the deal. he supports all my dramatic party set-ups and themed hoopla and i wake up to support his races. and boy do we have plenty of party and races!! so no grumpy people and no tantrums.. actually, it really aint that bad, other than the occasional early reporting time. i still stick out like the sort thumb in my dresses and flipflops. but who cares.. half of the people there are scantily clad in lycra anyway.. *shrugs*

A frustrating episode with a nasty guy who commented in chinese "why would anyone wear a dress to a race" (it was way to early to pick up a fight, especially when his own girlfriend was in a sorriful state of shapeless tee-shirt and pedal pushers.. ) left me a little irritated but soon enough there were more exciting things to nit-pick and fuss over...

good morning sunshine! ;)

daniel looking rather forlorn or frustrated that i kept pointing the cammy in his face!

so i pottered over to the transition area to take bike pictures and shoe pictures...

and i made friends with some other supporters as they start to look familiar.. oh! the race went beautifully... and daniel had a smooth and rather successful race. wished we knew that he got third so we would have stayed for prize ceremony, but we headed home once we could and was already chowing down bak kut teh when we received congratulory textes from his friends. ah well, we suck!


  1. aiya, u cld have been bitchy and replied "why would anybody think that a girl dating an ang moh and wearing a dress to a race, cannot understand mandarin?"
    but oh well...u're peace-loving, i believe.

  2. wish i was as sharp-minded at that hour. all i did was pout!

  3. lol. nm, i'll curse the chao ah tiong for u. -pulls out an ah tiong voodoo doll-

  4. haha.. thanks hon, you're hilarious!!
    hope you feeling better already!


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