Saturday, May 3, 2008

labour day..

my labour day was spent diligently spring cleaning! I scrubbed my dirty tiled floors, reorganized craft boxes, dusted, scaled my glass windows and streamlined my book collection.. sat there flipping through my diaries and angry entries, my JC literature and theatre notes and journals! so much fun leafing through pages of my life that seem so darn far away..

at the end of a fruitful afternoon, i tossed out bags and bags of year books, love novels and silly trinkets i go around collecting! and dropped them off at the salvation army! at least i feel like im not throwing the lovely memories out of the window, instead im sharing them with someone else. i hope whoever inherits my books would have as much fun as i did!! 


  1. My room badly needs a spring clean too...

  2. i know! its a endless task though.. the more i pack, the more there is to sort through!!

  3. Maybe that's why I can never get started. LOL *winks*


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