Friday, May 30, 2008

four girls

finally found an empty evening spot in everyone's schedule to watch Sex & the City! Thanks to deaf (again..) to got us media preview tics! yayy..

 and indulgent as we always are, we dressed up for the occasion! considering it was a  regular working weekday evening, the bling, makeup, dresses and tall heels were quite amazing, if i may say so myself ! it also made up realize that it has indeed been a while since it has only been the four of us alone.

we picked up our tickets, got a quick drink from the bar and accessed the canape situation. no way tiny sausages and eclairs could satisfy our rumbling tummies so we went to HK cafe for kiam four season beans! though not the most glamorous place to be, it was still fun going around the table, having way too many conversations going on at the same time, too much yelling, too much naughty information and one particularly shocking (but happy..) announcement. yayyy im thrilled! but better not jinx it so we'll throw a party when its confirmed! :) and because the other gals were not kept in the loop, i also told told about daniel's upcoming career decisions.. having them as a sounding board sometimes just makes things seem a lot clearer. or even if not, it felt better to be able to share..

the movie was fantastic! i'm under the oath not to leak the storyline but it was everything it promised to be. (and i had really high expectations!) and being the sappy ole me, i was sniffling throughout the movie..

its wonderful to have girlies around. catch you when you fall, walk down the aisle with you and all and remind you that not everything in life has to change...


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