Thursday, May 22, 2008

delectably inedible..

yums! i want them all!!! spotted these cuties here!

my folk are headed to UK for a month vacation to meet both my didis (who are probably getting drunk in the pubs and doing all sorts of naughty things..) leaving me home alone with the cleaning lady, two dogs, two cars and heaps of little projects i cant wait to lay my hands on! ;)


  1. The cupcakes arent real right? They are cushions or something???!! They look so pretty!!

  2. they are knitted toys! They have adorable bunnies and other animals as well! :)
    cute idea for seth!

  3. Times like these, I wish Seth is a girl! haha

  4. i know you're totally not in the mood to entertain this thought yet..
    there can always be another seraphina, sabrina, sophia.. etc! ;)

  5. Lol!! YOu made me laughed out loud BUT actually that's kinda part of our plans. We intend to try again next year for a girl and we will most probably call her "Lois"... see I told u, I've already got my names planned out.

  6. SERIOUSLY! wow! you're hard-core mummy! most of my preggie friends are lamenting and swearing not to have any more (in the end, they still come back for seconds.. but thats another story!)
    Lois is a beautiful and strong name! ;) i like! i cant wait!! haha..
    halt! cannot steal seth's thunder~! i cant wait to meet seth first..

  7. Hahaha I think I'm kinda hardcore. I have always wanted 3 kids.. two boys and one girl. My fantasy is the first two will be boys named Seth Yi Loy, Caleb Lee Loy and the last would be a girl named Lois Mei loy.. see!! already planned!!! (now the second boy's name may change, I dont know yet)
    and of coz I cant determine the gender but wouldnt it be cool if it all goes to plan??
    I want to have as many as I can right now because we started late. My hubby and I are old liao lah!

  8. teehee! ;) you're adorable!
    good luck with seth!!


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