Wednesday, April 30, 2008

things to smile about..

on a regular day, breakfast is a luxury we cant afford.. workday morning always seem to whizz by so fast and we are ALWAYS late, yelping, yelling reminders and jumping out of each others way trying to primp up(me) and gear up (him) for work.. and yet its my favorite meal of the day! i like having a hearty breakfast, and knowing that i still have a long day ahead of me! ;) daniel on the other hand is not so much a morning person. he only wakes up for work and for his long bike rides.. so i was very pleased when he said he planned a surprise brunch for us on sunday! ;) 

i love surprises and spoiling them as well so i spent the entire week trying to find out where he booked us in! eventually the cabbie gave his surprise away cos he didn't know how to get there! we found ourselves at graze, nestled in a laid-back luxiously green and quiet corner at rochester! such a far cry from the buona vista construction-site-ridden main road with angry traffic and dusty air! and such a relaxed cool brunch location!! service was excellent, breakfast was yumms! ;) nothing too avant-garde or fancy but definitely comfort food! i had waffles with heaps of fresh strawberries and nutella icecream with ginger-lemongrass tea and he had a HUGE burger with real fries.. 

and we sat there giggling at random kids staring into the pebble pond (with nothing but silly, the little ones!), kicking off our shoes, complaining about discrepancy in attire.. and firmed up out vacation dates! 

so here goes! (if we make it till then...)

c'est défini:
August: Melbourne
October: Korea
Dec: New York

total leave days: 16. which leaves both of us plenty to go... so we listed a bunch of other vacation options..

c'est possible:
Bangkok (1 day leave)
Cambodia (2 days leave)
Philippines for diving trip (2 days leave)
Lombok for race (1 day leave)

im going to be so broke after december! i have to stop buying vases, ribbons and shoes! *sigh*


  1. can't wait!!!
    Zhingy's coming to Korea, Zhingy's comin' to Korea!!!
    yay..........hehe miss you babes~

  2. Re: can't wait!!!
    im excited too babe!! ;)
    love and miss you heaps.. and exciting news to update you! maybe i'll save till aug when things are more firmed up!
    haiti for the new job, darl!


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