Monday, April 28, 2008

pretty boys and girls..

amazingly wonderful dancers and performers and equally inspiring instructors! ;) They are the runner ups from the world salsa championship and as a group has no airs about it.  i enjoy workshop classes very much because of the pace of class, the new moves and the other salsa enthusiasts that attend these workshops! the entire hour was filled with high intensity hip rolls, spins and attitude! so much to learn and improve!

the lift and dips class was amazing too! it has been a while since i had pas de duex class and this was so much fun! albeit a few bruises and blotched pedicure but it was all worth it!! we left class bouncy and raving about different things but very inspired to get back in action and picked up a few new skills..

im the most hilarious hip roller. everyone looks sexy and suitably slutty (i mean it in a positive light!) and i look like im doing a rock and roll shuffle! *sigh*


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