Friday, April 18, 2008

playing house

this morning, im working from "home" (read: daniel's apartment) because i woke up too late to attempt to catch public transportation home and catching a cab at 8am is as difficult as fishing for a shark with a pebble! and because i was not at all helpful in the morning, the silly boy was completely late and reluctant to leave.

i literally chased him out of his own apartment! 

but sending him off with kisses and niceties to 'be careful' and 'have a wonderful day.' and reminders to let me know what we're having for dinner so i can go grocery shopping.. and cleaning the kitchen floor, clearing half the week's load of laundry, scenting each room with apple-blossoms, organizing the abundance of tupperware.. only to realize that he left me with his entire set of keys and house filled with his man-toys. 

while most of the womanfolks out there leap in joy cos i guess thats a sign that they have successfully marked their territory, i panic everytime i leave my bobbypins all over the house and it took me one too many times of clean-underwearless (or awful VPL days..) to realize i need to leave a wee bit of my belongings around just to ease the frequent sleepovers.. in fact, in SATC terms, he was carrie and i was Mr Big!! and that took a while. and a huge leap of faith..

anywhos, i've had a productive (work) and very productive (cleaning) morning leaving me feeling rather pleased. and i thought i'd never say this but maybe playing wifey at home (once in a while) ain't that bad afterall..


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