Friday, April 25, 2008

lola in the park..

it was dick's bday last weekend, coinciding with the race so right after we were done at Sentosa, we scurried around to get her surprise picnic set up! ;) it was wonderful as the weather held out even tho thunderclouds were looming for the entire afternoon, we had scorching hot sun and a light breeze!! perfect for a hot summer picnic.. which yes, i know is all round the year in singapore..

it was our job to set up and surprise her and justin's to blindfold her and take her from Pan Pac to the gardens! because dick is so squeemish and such low tolerance to dirty/insecty stuff, we were wondering how he managed to navigate her through the slope and grassy areas without her throwing a hissy fit! and he said he had to ask dick if she trusted him and if so, to follow his lead... awwww... so lomantic!

dick and justin both in green!

The color theme was purple and green! so we were supposed to dress in purple or something. i guess i was the only one that read my own nazi-like memo! me and kola, cheng qian's dog who came in a purple bow! the spread was also quite ecclectic consisting of carol's selection of BOILED gourmet sausages, daniel's pasta salad, caesar salad with bacon and chicken, chippies and heaps of drinks! and a mushy cake from Pan Pac!!!

variety of purple blooms for the birthday gal!!

happy birthday darl!! ;) hope you had an awesome celebration..

and because the outdoors is so not out typical hangout spot, we were all sticky and yucks at the end of the afternoon so decided to troop over to Island Creamery!! and got ourselves a generous serving of their home-made icecreams!!! We got pulur hitam, teh peng, soursop sorbet, strawberry sorbet and kahlua latte... and sat there and watch the sunday crowd walk by, throwing out random ideas for our next party! (next up: popiah/all that rolls!)

which made me realize how thankful i am that i have them gals! someone else that yell "yes! lets do this" and "i'll bring that".. and laugh at daniel's very innovative idea to theme the popiah party with "animals/safari". bwahahah... now we know why i get paid to plan parties and he doesn't! ;)


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