Friday, April 11, 2008

hello, meet sly! ;)

ok. we are not the most amazingly grown-up couple. but to each their own, i always say! introducing our pet! his name is Sylvester Milton Allender. he was adopted from Tioman, cleaned up and brought home to singapore.

many a times, i reflect on my own silly behavior (indulging in kiddy stuff, like crafts, my royal obsession with pink and cutesy note-books and stuff..) and wonder when i'd grow up cos its awful being the only 26-year-old kid around. but just the other day, i came back to a spotlessly clean apartment with sly on the window ledge peeking out into the faraway city-scape just because daniel felt like he needed a breath of fresh air and a different perspective!!! teehee! plus, when we return home, both of us will burst into the house yelling "hello, sly!!!" and start analyzing if sly had a good or bad day! hah.. i love it! ;)

our pet rock has an amazing ability to display emotions.

this is him grumpy! (i kid you not! that pout was NOT digitally/cosmetically enhanced!)

our attempt to appease him with a corn bit.. (still grouchy faced!)

i must catch a picture of him on his good days! he has a lop-sided silly grin that puts a smile on my face! cutie-pootie, my sly! ;)

sweetie, hang in there!! in a coupla weeks, we'll take you to daniel's new office to visit so you can enjoy the picturesque view of singapore's financial district! maybe we'll even let you sleepover for a couple of days just for fun! toodles, my darling! be good!

**p.s. drop a note for sly here! i'll pass the message**


  1. heehee. he is super cute! ;) i see why people keep pets and have kids now! it chases the post-work blues away..

  2. Hahahaha... I love your pet! It doesnt poop nor pukes, does it.
    Who says you have to be all serious and stiff at 26years old? Enjoy who u are for as long as you can. The world has enough ppl who are so serious that they dont take time to just smell the roses and adopt pet rocks! So go for it, girl!
    I think your rock needs some punky pink hair! hehe

  3. thanks babe! :) sometimes i do feel like an odd-ball!
    yes, i can so see sly with pink hair!! haha..
    p.s. that pic is your nephew right? not seth right?

  4. Yes it's my nephew, my serious little nephew.

  5. ahh.. he's a cutie! he does look very perplexed like someone is about to steal his milk! :)

  6. It's so funny how he can have such a serious face at sucha a young age!


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