Tuesday, April 8, 2008

giselle in the park

27 to 30 March 2008
Fort Canning Park
Performance from 7.30pm
(Gates open from 5pm for picnic party)


Rendezvous with the romantic characters of Giselle under a canopy of stars for an unforgettable and immersive experience of this hauntingly beautiful classical ballet.

Giselle tells the story of a love between a village maiden, Giselle, and a nobleman, Albrecht. Mesmerized by Giselle’s beauty and innocence, Albrecht disguises himself as a peasant and promises eternal love to Giselle despite being betrothed to a Duke’s daughter.

When Giselle discovers his deceit, she loses her mind and dies, turning into a wili (a female spirit). Will Giselle forgive Albrecht for his betrayal or will she seek revenge? Join us as we follow this heart-wrenching love story that is bound to capture the hearts of many.

my baby's first ballet encountert! :) i figured better that it was an easy and casual affair rather than stuffy in the theatre with coats and jackets!  anyway, it was supposed to be my turn to plan date night and instead of being the benovolent better half and plan something fun for the other half, i planned something i knew i'd enjoy! ah well! c'est la vie! :) PLUS he was eventually tasked to assemble the picnic basket (bagette, cream cheese & smoked trout and heaps of snacks..he's wonderful like that!!) leaving me with the ice, the candles, drinks and strawberries! slacker girlfriend!!!

but it was a lovely dinner and evening with my baby  lounging under the stars and xia haiying was amazing as usual. i wish i was lithe and skinny like her!

hope you had fun too, hon!


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