Friday, April 11, 2008

letters to my brother...

i couldn't have said all these without tearing up. so this speech comes with the horridly red backpack last night.

"my dear didi, i do hope that this bag brings you places and heaps of lovely memories! (or in your own words, many coconut husks..). i always felt red was an apt color for you because you're the daring one that lives your dreams despite how much the world disagrees and i do admire and agree with the way you live your life, just lack the courage to do likewise in mine.

im extremely proud of you and your little achievements even the not so conventionally accepted and recognized ones. and i truly believe you are brilliant and have what it takes.

and i'd be extremely sad the day you walk away to your departure gate with your red backpack! but i know that's what you always wanted and will be glad for you..
aww the baby of the family is finally growing up! ;) "

ah well. waterworks!


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