Friday, April 4, 2008

the diamonds, the glitz and the ritz..

teehee.. we were giggling at how vastly different out two malaysian weekend getaways were.. one moment we are ankle deep in muddy water, digging into bbq seafood with plastik tablecloth and primary school plates, the next we were eyeballed at twirling in the lobby of our hotel wearing flipflops...(oops...), dining at a resto called "the C club", C being Carat!! and overwhelmingly coddled by our personal butler, min! 

we had heaps of fun in KL as well.. like kids in a candystore, we spent some time wow-ing at the crazy marbled bathrooms, flurry bathrobes, the gazillion mirrors around the room and flopping in our huge flouncy bed!! (and of course forgot to take pictures..)

and i had fun dodging the bellman who kept wanting to open the glassdoors for me.. i let him win eventually just in case he gets docked $5 of his pay each time he misses a guest! and behind my huge-ass shades, i was giggling at his oh-so-serious "good afternoon, marm!" because if i were him, i'd give me a hi-five and a huge grin! maybe he really didn't fancy the idea of my grubby fingers on his nicely mirrorred gold handles! 

the verdict? we enjoyed both stays very much! but we had heaps more stories from our little kumpung hut..

next up, loft suite in the new majestic hotel! ;) yayyyyy...


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