Friday, April 11, 2008


ok! i have a confession to make. bringing judy & yoomee (and euphie as well...)  to chompsies was just an excuse for us to pig out! ;)

i seriously love that place! its so near home and has the yummiest hawker fare!! if only parking wasn't such a nightmare! oh! and if it were less smokey it would be nice too!

this is what (5) hungry gals had:
1) calamari
2) stingray
3) sambal kang kong
4) kway pai tee
5) bbq wings
6) egg toofu
7) or luak
8) chye tao kway (black)
9) char kway teow
10) satay
11) prawn noodles
12) sugar cane juice (grande!)
13) mango ice-y dessert

yummeroos!!! serious food coma, i tell ya! i could hardly walk after dinner..


  1. crap. b4 the pics loaded, i was reading the list and thinking to myself, "wah, zhing went chompsies and whacked so much food again?!". then i saw US.

  2. Man.. I am wishing that I am in Singapore now.

  3. haha.. didn't the food list sound at all familiar??
    i mean seriously, we finished every bit of food on our table can!!! hardcore! ;) heng i wore a loose-fitting dress !!!

  4. babes! then come home soon with seth! ;)


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