Sunday, April 13, 2008

awfully chocolate..

i had yingjie come over to my place last week for a mid-week baking fix and girly catch-up session (typically this is a sign of stress!) here are our yummy molten choc-muffins, recipe from my cupcake and muffin book! ;) it chocolatey on the outside but the inside is a gooey messy of lava choc.. very delish and sinful ;) still need to figure out the perfect timing cos some were thoroughly cooked and some extremely runny! it was like muffin roulette - you never know what you can get!

good thing we had hungry boys around the house to help us wipe out the entire batch of sin in less than 2 days.

note to self: need to buy new baking apparatus! im extremely unmotivated by my old-school sieve! yayy.. another excuse to go to pantry magic!


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