Friday, March 14, 2008

oh carol!

The first of us gals to turn 26! *gasp* by the end of the year, we would be in our late twenties!! someone pass me smelling salts!! but since its the inevitable, we myaswell celebrate in style, no?

and also because the girls FORGOT her birthday entirely last year, and didn't realized that the date crept past until i emailed them to let them know i sent a love package from the states... *roll eyes*, we had to make it up this year by making it extra special. and since carol is so easily pleased (all she wanted was thai express!!!), we decided to take the honour and added our own personal touch! ;)

but first thing first, we had to check out CLEO's 50 most eligible bachelors' preview event at Zouk! to lend our support to deaf.. (and of course to perve at young adolescent boys.. teehee!) It has been ages since i've stepped foot in Zouk so i was kinda neat.. plus there was a flea market so there was more to see!!

cotton candy and sweet popcorn for all! ;)

shaun didn't want to share..

look what zhingie is sooooo darn pleased about...

its ENLAI!! yippeee... i've missed him heaps! he is so talented and funny...

we bolted from the event early with lame excuses so we could go set up for the surprise party at carol's place! (ya i know, not very creative but she is afterall the only one with a house!!) imagine the drama Justin had to go through to get the keys from her in the morning.. (think he feigned a horrid headache that held him back from driving home..)

i love this picture of dick sorting out the gerberas and justin munching on his mashed potatoes!! awww such teamwork!

the table setting with our happy floral arrangement!! it was quite the experience bolting thru far east flora's mighty cold fresh flower fridges scantily clad in my tube dress, deek's shorts and heels! *grins* we opted for easy to assemble blooms and vibrant shades of pinks and simple shapes because we had too much rah rah pinkness going on around the table already!

individual table setting with el cheapo paper napkins.

everything was perfect! tho not surprised, carol was very pleased!!

and we got her cranium for a birthday present so that was our after-dins activity.. and as usual, we split into two groups naturally, the boys vs the gals. and we were so darn sure we were going to win as always! (cos we are really good as a team!) and carol was super confident telling everyone. "we will confirm win. cos im very good at cranium!" same old stakes on the table - losing team washes up..

but the boys were really lucky this time around! darnit. ;(

i was particularly upset when the boys won the "Star Performer" category, which we are SUPER SUPER good at..., and guessed 'pigs in the blanket' cos i knew what that was.. boohoo. no points for guess which other person did too..

oh and i definately am dyslexic. i couldn't spell hippo.. (am not even going to try..)

the boys chilling out with a drink, post-cranium while we busied ourselves with the dishes and prepping fondue for dessert. boohoo..

video of the boys competing in olympics swimming.. and dick looking completely baffled!

next up, its dick's turn!! yayyyy..


  1. Very pretty pictures!! I love that one of you with a pout! just too cute!
    My!! the table setting is really BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it! Im sure the bdae girl was very happy. I can tell why. :D

  2. thanks babe.. the tablecloth IS pretty out there don't you think!!
    didn't get a picture of it but after we lost, all four of us were pouting majorly! we're such sore losers!


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