Thursday, March 27, 2008

a new beginning.

** i jump around and jumble the sequence of events a little!**
i absolutely lurve easter! both the religious and the frivolous parties, springtime, symbollism of hope and renewal.. the chocolates, yummy egg treats, hearty breakfasts and the crafts.. and of all things, i love easter egg hunts and hot cross buns the most! ;)

but since we already had plans to go diving over the easter weekend, i had to bring the celebration forward so we went to church a week earlier, finished our pompom chickies and delivered them all in a timely and stylish fashion, sent easter greetings and got over not having an easter egg hunt (just me. not we.. i was the only bummed one) so i thought at least! until i got back from my second dive and spotted TWO easter eggs on my tiny pillow!!

"and so the hunt begins!!"

i promised myself that i would wait till easter morning to start looking! BUT I could't! (p.s. i am so darn good at easter egg hunts!) on my way to the bathroom, and in our kumpung resort it is a really short way to the bathroom.., i found more than half of them already!! weeheee!! ;)i should have clocked my shower time because i must have made it to the guiness book of records for the shortest shower!! i couldn't hardly wait to get out of the shower dripping wet and flip the room inside out looking for the eggs.. under the bed, in my luggage, in my taboo set, between sheets, in my shoe (delicated wrapped in tissue of course..).. they were EVERYWHERE!

the last two were super tricky! (found them sneakily hidden behind my shades!)

thanks babe! i had an awesome time, it was indeed a delightful surprise! ;)

oooooo and we had heaps of 'hot cross buns' all over our bodies (and even faces!!) thanks to the merciless mozzies on pulau tioman. that story, not too fun to share! ;)

and from across the world, another little girl enjoying her little easter egg hunt! ;) my darling gigi sure looks like she has quite a handful of eggs to handle!


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