Thursday, March 6, 2008

im back!! :)

*phew* work has been crazy!! life has been crazy! i have no clue where to even get caught up! 

but yayy the website launched on march 1st, bosslady popped pink champers and had a little party at her place!! and now that the crazy pre-launch and wedding buzz died down a little, i've had a chance to dig our my camera and upload images from weeks ago!!!

already blogged about this a while back! but these pictures make me happy looking at them! ;) so i had to share..

silly girlies trying to catch a proper shot in front of the entrance! (point to note: the spot we stood is like a tiny squishy 4 feet square with gazillion other patrons trying to squeeze past!) so poor justin was standing there forever trying to get this shot of us! still we couldn't stand still and take a decent shot without silly faces..

appreciating art! ;)

me & dickeroos.. (oh and we met darren, lecturer from photojourn class.. who was there with his wife!)

carol being the artist wife giving everyone directions and welcoming everyone to the gallery! poor gal was so pooped at the end of the evening she couldn't join us for dinner!

found this tall red man outside the bistro at "Old School" and i just HAD to take the shot on the right! *giggles..* 

all fun!! yippeee.. cant wait for this weekend! we're going for the CLEO bachelor preview event.. (26 year olds perving at young men with hot bods.. haha) and then to celebrate carol's bday!! and on sunday we are hanging again to kara-okie.. 



  1. good luck with the ktv! so which songs r u learning this time?

  2. hmm. same songs.. havent had a chance to practise!!! but at least now i am super zai at "cai hong" hehe...


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