Tuesday, March 11, 2008

catch the bouquet...

the little things in weddings that i absolutely dig!! and this is just the bridal toss bouquet & ring-bearer's cage for wedding bands.. the rest of the church was amazingly pretty!

there are two types of gals.. the ones who want to get married soon, fast, pronto, have kids, yadada... and the ones who don't. its genetically implanted in you. no running away from it.

 its sometimes quite hilarious to step back and watch the bridal toss*. there will be this bunch of enthusiastic bouquet catchers standing at prime spots all ready to GRAB and FIGHT for the bouquet! and there will be the embarrassed, shy bunch lingering in the background champagne glass in hand looking all posh and aloof. (no prizes for guessing which category i belong to...) unfortunately, i ALWAYS get summoned up by the bride to be part of the receiving party.

quite embarrassing actually to hear your name booming through the PA system "Zhing! You're SINGLE... Come here!" and i will trudge through the crowd, cupcake icing smudged on my grubby hands, wedding schedule in other with bulging pocketful of random scrips and scraps of wedding paraphenalia, possibly even sprigs of twigs or petals in my messy hair trying to make my way quietly to the back of the group of gorgeously-slinky dressed ladies rolling my eyes in embarrassment..

yeah. that would be me.


  1. Ohhh i love that bouquet!! it's so PRRRREEETTTY!!! :D

  2. it is!! but this is only the toss bouquet!! the real hand bouquet was even prettier! ;)

  3. wow! isnt it abit extravagant to have an additional toss bouquet??

  4. the bride loves flowers so she wanted her bridal bouquet to stay perfect!
    hehe! ;)


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