Wednesday, February 20, 2008

well hello, good-looking!!

one day, baby! you'll be mine!!
how beautiful life would be if i woke up to you each morning!!!
*swoon dreamy-eyed*

i guess it would make a lot more sense to be saying it to someone instead of something..
but that's how i feel towards my shoes..

(just for the records, deafknee is bad influence indeed..)


  1. me too! *pout*
    if only it didn't come with such a hefty price tag!!

  2. judy in va
    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT!!!
    but your ankle might have to sacrifice....T.T

  3. awww it's preeeetaaay!!
    but it'll kill my feet to walk in those pair for more than an hour =p

  4. Re: judy in va
    i knowww... but its beautiful..
    you know i'll gladly sacrifice for beauty..
    on the note of crazy footwear.. my nine west brown pumps we bought from VA got scoffed on the FIRST day i wore it. DAMNIT!! juuudeee now its not pretty anymore!!

  5. i know.. ;) haha and considering how chor lor i am, i confirm will trip and fall..

  6. I saw a similar style at a store in my city but it doesn't compare to yours. Yours is SO PRETTY!

  7. hehe... ;) not mine yet unfortunately!!


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