Friday, February 29, 2008


( i know its retarded but i want to remember and laugh at this in time to come...)

Daniel (jumping back into bed from bathroom) : Hey babe.
Zhing: Hey.. oh! you brushed your teeth.
D: Yeah
Z: Now you smell all fresh and i still have stinky breath
D: Well, i have a spare toothbrush if you'd like
Z: oh! that's quite alright..
D: ...or i can buy you a brand new toothbrush just for you??
Z: *silence*
D: yes?
Z: nah.. i don't need one.. i'll carry mine from home when i stayover..
D: ok babe.. we don't have to rush. we'll get you a toothbrush when you're ready.

all that drama over ONE freakin' toothbrush!!
im such a commitment-phobe!


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