Tuesday, February 5, 2008

scraps of my life!

ok i know... super auntie but i like!

Visited Laine's Papeterie for work couple of weeks ago and was inspired by all the pretty embellishments and pretty paper (and their lovely ladies who work there who were so encouraging and sweet!!!) Was really tempted to start scrapbooking in Virginia but did not get the chance nor time to sit down and work on a craft, plus everyone there knew how to scrapbook since young so i felt very left out.. decided that it was now or never!! so signed up for scrapbooking basics at SDU (don't hyperventilate.. its Scrapbooking Design University) and sat still for THREE whole hours, which in itself is quite a feat for me.. and work on ONE page!

Pictures from our New York trip in Spring 2007 with Judy, Marcin and Alex.. Picked a non-pink theme on purpose cos i know i will certainly have heaps of brain juice to work on the sparkley, sugar-coated saccharine sweet pinks another time!!

but its so time consuming and you have to be super patient!
its fun for a while but i doubt i'd be that into this hobby as of now!

typical of me to now wanna go for anything alone, so i dragged june, yingjie along.. AND mom.. AND sinyan. haha so half the class was filled with familiar faces..

From Top left, clockwise: Yingjie (with pictures of her best friends), June (snappies of her family over the years), Mom (She was super well prepared with korea pictures! even brought a 3D-dress motif! grrr..) and Sinyan (awww-so-sweet birthday surprise from her friends..)


  1. judy in va
    awwwwww..........your mommy's so cute!!
    MISS you!

  2. Ohhhh!! I love it!! everyone's pages are very pretty!!! :D

  3. Re: judy in va
    hahah.. my mom is hilarious!!! ;)
    i do too hon..

  4. hahah all beginners' only! need to learn from you more!!


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