Friday, February 15, 2008

my snowy hokkaido boy

my baby called last night, as promised, to interrupt my 'date' with zew!
*grins* and that 10-min conversation made me the happiest gal in ECP! ;)
tho he was slightly peeved that in his absence, im going to weird beach dates and receiving flowers from other boys..
but c'est la vie!

his 11 roses came in yesterday with a note card..
and it did make me smile heaps..
im so glad he is thinking of me! weehee..

so, Its 15th today, 9 more days till he comes home!
why am i always in this situation!!
already waiting and counting down to his return..

come home baby! no more long trips like that!
hope you keep your promise and take me the next time!
so you can wake up next to me instead of two strangers! ;)

and reading back into my entries, i realized how blessed i am.
because this is actually my dream come true!


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