Sunday, February 10, 2008

the dog & his cherry tomatoes..

so the story goes.. mom bought two potted cherry tomato plants home to dress up the garden! they were super cute filled with ripe red fruits! very very tempting.. (this is coming from the gal that singlehandedly, literally, squashed ALL the kumquats from mom's painstakingly groomed tree in australia..)

two days later, the treee was half naked so mom set out to find the culprit~! kinda tough cos she had a few suspects in question.. hah! we blamed it on the dogs, the dogs blamed it on us.. it was a tough call. 

until... we saw red bitties and seeds in mocha's poop.. (wanted to take a picture but teng said it was wayyyy too gross.)

BUSTED, buddy!! 

its a good thing you played the pity card pretty well and didn't get smacked..

p.s. poor pup has funny rash over his body so he is walking around with a really ugly haircut these days..


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