Thursday, January 24, 2008

some warm loving...

such darling the hawkins!

we have kept in email contact ever since i left the states. They are both retired and wonderful people living in Kingsmill who i used to work with. The most loving couple ever! Still holding hands and calling each other pet-names! They would constantly keep me posted on their latest projects, fun activities, parties and little updates on the weather.. (sometimes even the inches of snow in their garden..) and its so lovely to read their mail always! I always imagine Maribel reading my emails aloud to john and typing studiously on her computer while john kicks off his shoes, sits in his recliner and sips on his gin and tonic yelling out things to tell me! (they call me zhing-geee)

i was sharing with them my latest obsession - salsa. and their confused response? "what is SALSA???  Here it is a tomato sauce."

great!! They are probably thinking "our crazy asian gal..getting all excited about tomato puree we dip mexican chips in!!" ahhh...

and offered to have me stay with them when im visiting for stef's wedding.. thats sooo sweet!!

they are such wonderful peeps!


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