Friday, January 25, 2008

putting my best foot forward

lindy was super fun! our instructors(sing and sinclair) were really fun to learn from! wished the class stretched longer because once we got into the groove of things, class was over! on top of it all, i love the music that we dance to!! leaves a spring in your step and a huge grin on my face for the entire evening..

last night felt like an evening of reunions!

bumped into elaine (in class with me), Kenny & rachel( in class with me), sammy (teaching at jitterbugs) and jodong (swing social)!! so exciting to have friends that share same passion and interests! oh and bumped into sweaty jerine at hot yoga the evening before!! which was super fun and the studio didn't smell too bad and only spotted one half naked sweaty grizzley bear.. hehe! still having recurring images of myself, jiji and fenzy, completely suaku & shy at age 18, clinging on to our towels for dear life in NYC dance locker room while dancers of all shapes and sizes were strutting their nudity, candidly striking the casual conversation with random equally nekkid strangers. it was indeed an eye opener, to say the least!

oh i digress..

anywhos, im glad i still went for class despite having a poopsy day. cos i perked me up instantly! i really need not to sweat the small stuff. somethings, you just can't change so i just have to take the chill pill and let it be.. ;)


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