Saturday, January 5, 2008


thanks for dick's brilliance and immaculate planning, we scored a weekend stay, away from home but not that faraway afterall! thank goodness we did it before jan 08 cos that was when the room rates go back to regular price! a mini-suite like what we picked would have costed $780++ (woah...) Nestled in seah street, tucked snugly behind raffles hotel, Naumi is anything but alike its food-street style surroundings! i was quite surprised it was actually 10 storeys filled with designer furniture, quirky art work and very innovative use of space and corners. we spent hour ooh-ing and ahh-ing at what the hotel offers!comparatively, i like boutique hotels as they have much more character than the regular chain-hotels... but some of these boutique hotels can be quite tiny in size so whenever we pick boutiques, be sure to pick a suite room! 

next on our checklist, new majestic hotel!

check out the lovely bed! i love hotel beddings!! and the wallart is so pretty! this bed was amazing, us gals lazed and slept in till the last possible second, completely missing breakfast! ah well... we knew what our priorities were!

us happy campers! with deek's cute-ass (literally) koala in undies!!

spent quite a bit of time chilling by the pool which had an amazing view of raffles skyline and esplanade bay! would have been a lovely place to countdown! only if we booked the room 2 days later!! ahh!!

we heart naumi! 

one single complain! they didn't have a dining room in house so we had to venture out of its compounds for dinner! and room service menu was limited and only served till 10pm! so what happens if we didn't have our own stash of snacks and cup noodles!! but we had yummy samsui chicken for dinner & raffles creamery (same concept as cold stone)!! so no complains food-wise!! thanks, qian for abandoning salsa and joining us for games! we had fun.. 

and oh! i met nigel, my ex-boss from scarlet, working on night shift and chatted with him a bit! darnit should have asked him for more bathroom amenities cos we ran out due to our frequent pool runs!



  1. Love the pic of you guys on the bed.. and the koala is so cute!

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
    i want!!!! hahaha.
    dick looks like me... or i look like dick..
    i was just outside the hotel yesterday evening.

  3. wall art looks like tord boontje.

  4. hehe... we were trying to squeeze all into the bed..i was balancing on the edge already! *grins*
    you totally should check out the koala! (they have a collection of many other pets as well!) his undies is the cutest!

  5. thanks for the information! wow their work is amazing!! i like!!
    p.s. we were playing taboo when dick made a reference to her hair! it sounded like this 'my hair, what happens in the morning?' and justin yelled 'HELMET!' haha... (p.s. he totally got the word right!)

  6. Lovely
    The place looks fabulous! And NIGEL works there? OMG. OMFG. Blast from the past indeed. Is he fatter & more fuglier than usual? HAHAHAHA

  7. Re: Lovely
    he actually looks the same! same ole sideburns too! infact he commented that i put on weight la.. damnit! =)
    p.s. it is very pretty, rooms bigger than scarlet!

  8. Girl, you legs look like they could go on forever in the third pic!! *drools*

  9. haha.. woohoo.. i just saw alexander ambrosio's beach shots!! her legs are twice the length of mine!! *wolf whistles*


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