Saturday, January 19, 2008


i really love dancing! every single week, the only thing that makes up for horrid monday blues is my evening salsa class! come sunday evening, i'll put aside my twinkie-toesy dancing shoes and start basic-stepping and twirling around my house, much to my dog's amusement! and in 10-classes, im actually starting to move on the dancefloor. (still lurking in the dark corners behind pillars but hey! at least im trying..) im still very stiff and shy in shines! and im not very sociable yet! but i guess it takes time.. 

*gasp* i met the weirdest guy on the dancefloor. he 'pick' me up for a dance, and shined (which is solo dancing..) for an entire four counts of 8 by himself. i was just basic steppin the entire time rolling my eyes! such an exhibitionist! i was one 8 short of  handshaking him and saying ''thank you very much, im done with this dance!' weird!

but being my usual adult-ADD self, one salsa class per week would have never sufficed! so these are the activities lined up for this year ahead! 

1) Intermediate 3 salsa on Mondays (JJ)
2) Beginners Lindyhop on Thursdays (Jitterbugs)

1) Hot Yoga with Dick (Affinity Yoga)
2) Intermediate Rhumba (?) - need a good fixed partner if not, no point..
3) Exotic/Pole Dancing with Deaf (hah..)
4) Scrapbooking class (super inspired by the ladies at SDU-Scrapbooking Design Uni!!)
5) Standchart 10K run with dick

ok, now that i've written it down, i cant back out of it!! ;) lemme know if anyone is keen to join me in any of the above! its super fun when there is company!! 


  1. envious!
    Hey doll. I am seriously envious. How I wish i have the time & the money to do all these. Looks like ur totally livin it up.
    I want in too... If only.
    I am only keen on the Hot Yoga. Had my eyes on it for a yr or so.
    But its the schedules I am worried bout.

  2. Re: envious!
    it has classes all throughout the week! downside is the location for me cos its at river valley and in chinatown!
    i am goin for trial class before i decide if i like it or not!! keep you posted hon! you can come join me!!

  3. Man.. looking at ur videos, I feel like joining u already! :P gonna ask u for more details soon! haha

  4. Sure thing girlie!! *hugs*
    is a lot more fun with company!


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