Friday, January 18, 2008


yayyyyy... been waiting for something to perk me up this entire morning! (urm.. and its only 8:48am!) and when i opened my email, there it was!!

Daddy & Mommy Poteet are getting married Oct 18th 2008!! woohooo!! back in Kingsmill as well, exactly where she had wanted it originally! im so excited for her and wished i could plan her wedding for her *pout*

Daddy Mike propose on New Years' Eve and i've yet to dig the entire story from the happily engaged...well, it was about time cos they had the ring done a long time ago and have been dating for 9 years! haha just as stef said she'd start seeing other boys if he doesn't propose, he did! yipperoos!!

yayyy.. i guess i really have to start saving soon! land of kingsmill, beers, aldos and my darlings.. here i come! ]

what am i going to wear??


  1. that's the same wedding day as my bro-in-law!
    where is kingsmill?

  2. judy in va
    awwwwwww...........They are finally tying the knot!!!!!!!!! How wonderful!!!
    Miss all those gossips we used to share about kingsmill...
    Miss you babes..

  3. hehe! we'll both be busy busy that day!
    kingsmill is back in virginia, usa where i used to live!;)

  4. Re: judy in va
    i miss you too!!! hehe.. gossips can keep coming, i welcome updates anytime!
    hey!! *psst* im planning to go to korea sept 6-14th! good time to hang with you?

  5. judy in va
    september????? of course!!!!
    I'll try to visit you before that!!! wow more fun to come!! hehe...
    Mood: EXCITED...

  6. Re: judy in va
    YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!


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