Friday, December 7, 2007


Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1) sky dive
2) love
3) live without regrets

Three Names You Go By:
1) zhiying
2) zhing
3)*sweet saccharine voice*  jie jie... (typically only when they need favors..)

Three Screen Names You Have Had:
1) princesszhing
2) zynn
3) *tsk*-ying (thanks twerpie)

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1) my hugeass smile..
2) how i look like my mom.
3) my freckles..

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1) non-pure bred hainanese
2) crazy hair...
3) a wide grin

Three Things That Scare You:
1) clingy relationships
2) tight parallel slots (and a long succession of impatient honking cars behind..)
3) lack of control..

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1) lil bit of dancing..
2) pretty ideas & things..
3) heaps of love

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1) black swishy skirt.
2) zara strappies
3) my T&C ring

Three Of Your Favorite Bands/Musical Artists:
1) sarah mclachlan
2) beatles
3) michael buble

Three Of Your Favorite Songs: (currently...)
1) Anything I can dance to..
2) My Valentine
3) OST: Mr & Mrs Smith (thanks xi tao!)

Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
1) a happily ever after...
2) a lifetime friend.
3) laughter, love & hugs

Three Physical Things About The Preferred Sex That Appeal To You:
1) smile
2) sparkly eyes
3) cute butt!!

Three Of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1) dance!!
2) reading a book from cover to cover
3) collectiong "chops" on my passport!

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
1) have a white christmas..
2) shop in bergdorf goodman with alex & judy!!
3) be a movie star!!

Three Careers You're Considering/You've Considered:
1) Air Stewardess...
2) Dancer
3) Wedding Planner *grins*

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
1) Mauritius
2) Korea (for judddeeee)
3) New Zealand

Three Kid's Names You Like: (i haven't thought about it in recent years..)

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Girl:
1) "does this make me look fat??"
2) shoes!! purses!! spa!! manicures!! eyelash extension!! make up!! (it doesnt ever end...)
3) super manja...
4) stereotypes aside.. i drive like one too..

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Boy:
1) i love like a boy, its scary..
2) Muscular calves!!
3) shower real fast!~

Three People You Tag:
1) lindora
2) yehao
3) anyone else!!


  1. zhingy
    Just for you and only you cos no one else would have convinced me otherwise, i blogged in my livejournal, for your benefit.
    Love you to bits. and thanks for the email!

  2. Re: zhingy
    thanks honey.. i really appreciate man.. *muahh*
    more details in mail!


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