Tuesday, December 18, 2007

international cuisine day:: rollin' good times!!

the concept of a popiah party sparked on this brilliant get-together opportunity! and dick thought her fabulous viet rolls would be a healthy addition to the menu and then came mexican fajitas.. and so we named it "rollin good times!" (cos we name every party we throw..)

so we made promises, split ingredients and everything was in perfect order, all good to roll (hah!) when deaf suddenly sprung a last minute _________ (information not available at press time) so they ended up chilling at dairy farm for the whole afternoon. and since its pretty hopeless to hope to cook at carols place cos her entire kitchen consists of one pot, one frying pan, no gas in stove, a kettle and a microwave... we gave in and decided we'll make do with food that roll! like frozen fish ball, cuttlefish balls, ta-powed sushi rolls, swiss rolls, almond rolls!!

but when time for dinner rolled by, we got lazy, caved in and ordered KFC delivered to the doorstep! bwahaha..

so horrible right?

us and out not-so-guity faces stuffed with chicken...

deek loves the greasy grub! carol approves!~

silly shaun & deaf with her bread ROLL!

after overloading on the chicken, we fumbled around with WII for the rest of the evening. im the most retardedly uncoordinated hammer thrower! of all three chances, i didn't even swing my hammer out of the net! what a huge loser. and an evening of 'tennis' left my biceps hurting for days...but WII is so addictive!! and we made characters for ourselves so next time we can play using our own characters!! weeheee..

till boxing day, babes... (and dude), toodleroos..


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