Saturday, December 29, 2007

salsa outing:: one night stand

something you enjoy and regret the morning after. worst part is if you didn't even enjoy it, no?

i've always been told and reminded that i need to be less cliche-ish, explore new boundaries, meet new friends, and in general, be NICE! and sometimes the uppity me gives in and treads carefully out of my usual comfort zone. last night was one such exception.  my salsa class has this little group that supposedly (at least i thought..) meets up often to go dancing. they even have a facebook group formed for that purpose! i've gone dancing with them couple of times after class but never really spoke or mingled with them so i thought, why not! right?

ah!! but got rudely brought back to reality..

with the exception of a few people, that i already know prior to class, the entire evening was boring and uncomfortable and speckled with polite smiles, awkward silences and "oh! is she from our class too??" and worst of all, the dancing was mediocre!! (am not bothering to go into the whole dance & chemistry theory..) poor ling was even caught in a work-conversation for the longest time!! and we were hopping from one place to another.. *grrr* i ended the evening prematurely and i was sorely disappointed at the entire experience.

hanging out with strangers ain't that fun afterall! think im done.. say what you like man! i'm not doing it again..

p.s. the title of this post is the restaurant/bar we appointed as a meeting spot.


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