Monday, December 3, 2007

me & my weddings..

someone i just met for less than an hour just asked me.

josh: "have you watched 'Shall we dance.'?"
me: yes
josh: you know j-lo? staring out of the window?
me: uh-huh..
josh: thats you. and your weddings. just waiting for the right moment or person to come by. and thats me too. waiting for a partner to go *blackpool with..

*its THE ultimate dancesport competition to be in..

and i'm completely in awe..

this must be the most interesting/insightful conversation i've had on the dancefloor to date.


  1. This is of tangent but I want to thank you again for shipping that drink dispenser to me. I used it at my Moving out BBQ and all my friends wanted me to ask you buy for them too!!!! haha.... They loved it! Thanks!

  2. you're welcome!! oh no. i would love to be able to buy for them!! but im back in singapore already!! tis a shame i was really neat tho!!!
    glad you are enjoying it!


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