Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the little things

that made me happy...

1) gazillion hugs from those numskulls that raided my room and messed it up..
2) lovely text messages that makes my heart skip a beat..
3) cutesy japanese chocs (not caramel.. custard!) 
4) long cat naps..
5) upcoming salsa evening with classmates!
6) hotel naumi on saturday!! 
7) my new auntie bag that my brother picked..
8) my new wall !!!! 

that made my sad/frustrated/guilt
1) having to 'work from home' tomorrow but wanting to go with dick to scale bukit timah hill...
2) other than the 20 sit-ups, i only exercised my mouth.. *sigh*

so all in all, i guess im pretty happy!


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