Friday, December 28, 2007

its so adorable its making my toes curl...

i seriously love it.
judy, thanks a million! its so me!
and best of all, you picked it so it makes it extra extra special..
the only thing i'd rather have for more for christmas is you!

and as if one ain't enough... she says:

"and for your good watch....I bought this watch which is elegant yet not too boring
white croc leather watch. I saw the charm bracelet one but didn't look good on my wrist..
and tried on the other Marc Jacobs watch but didn't work out. There was this purple Emporio Armani watch that I kinda liked but I wanted you to have a nice looking watch that you won't get sick of..."

thank you judy..its beautiful! im indeed so blessed.. if you catch me another day without a watch, you can trout-slap me!

oh! and conveniently, im sticking this in this entry so it seems like a present! from myself to myself!! weeheee!! =) bought on a whim when shopping for jingerbelle's christmas present!!!(which was a flop. cos i guess we were too busy shopping for me!) this dress is super pretty and swishy but the model looks way better than i do!! *pout* now now, compose yourself!!  all you have to do is to get those turquoise matchy matchy shoes and that waif-like figure, skinny arms and the boootiful collarbone!! and you're all set!

please god, im not asking for too much am i??? haha...

oh on the note of christmas presents, im completely guilty man.. im horrid. there is no excuses. i was the only thoughtless lulu that didn't have gifts yesterday at the unannounced xmas gift exchange.. eeks!! and the gals all had lovely gifts for every single one of us! damnit.. and dick refused to drive me to holland v for last minute shopping.. *roll eyes* well, i gave plenty of love and hugs urm.. and paid for groceries... but i feel rotten still. *grr*

thank you girlies... i loved each and everyone of my gifts. and most of all, i wuv you!!!! 


  1. Eeee it is adorable!! I think it'll make a gorgeous charm on your bag too :)

  2. you're right!! thought you'd appreciate its quirkiness as well!

  3. oh it indeed is very you!!! very cute!
    and I love that watch!! oh my!! simple and gorgeous!! pls model... :D

  4. once i receive it from the states!!yippee i love it both!!

  5. judy in va
    Sooooooooooooooooo Happy you like it!!!!!
    Just wait until it gets there!!!!
    Can't wait till I see it on ya!

  6. Re: judy in va
    yippeee... thank you so much again.. you're the best!


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