Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy anniversary, mr allen!

mr allen celebrated his 25th year in singapore last saturday! and he invited the entire family for hi-tea at Top of the M.. it was a lovely reason to catch up with my dear ole teacher who saw me grow up from age 10.. and reminise the old times when we used to bully him in class, embarrassing stories of how we used to behave and share his new adventures rubber-plantation shopping and bugzapping in phuket. the well-travelled and well-read somehow always have more stories to share!! it left me feeling like i was brought to an entire different world just seated right beside him! i loved it!!

i love how he always finds new activities and fun things to do.. cant wait to visit him in phuket and visit his snake in the garden! *gulps*

silly daddy and mommy posing for my camera! they are hilarious!

took the chance to doll up and wear my brand new-vintage dress which i bought from bern at fashbash! (thank you, babe.. i love it sooo much!)and  have no clue why didi cant take a regular normal looking picture with me...

and coincidentally, it was dong-zhi so mom handmade my fav tangyuan for me!! yummy!! any excuse to eat glutinous rice balls man! they must be my favorite thing on earth!!

oopsie daisy, my bedhair and makeup-less combination is quite horrifying!!

more later, lovies! xx


  1. You look gorgeous in that blue dress! love your outfit! and c'mon, you look pretty without make-up too!

  2. thanks, babe. and the best part bout the dress is, its such a loosely fitted dress i don't need to suck in!! weeheee...
    im considering faux lash extensions so i can wake up and feel made up already! haha vanity at its extreme! any thoughts?

  3. ohh yea they are pretty! but the thing about those i guess is when they start falling off, you have to go back for touch-ups all the time, and oso sometimes your real lashes come off together with the fake ones too.. but a real convenience i must say! no more kiap-ing of eye lash and applying coats and coats of mascara!

  4. i know!! and apparantly no need to draw eye liner too!! woohoo! i'd be all made up in a jiffy!! =)
    does the real lashes come off as well.. shucks thats no good.. my real lashes are super short and sparse already!!


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