Friday, December 7, 2007

weddings:: good things come in two..

*snap fingers* going to the chapel and we're *snap* gonnnner get mawwwyyyyrreeeed!!!

weehee.. how often do you get to say my friends are getting hitched today! yeah two of them! the same day!!

in the afternoon, my darling roomie, bel walked down the aisle and married yongwei.. she looked really happy! but still the same ole bel with her cheeky grins and beautiful voice. till today, i still have the lyrics of "my valentine" ringing in my ear.. so sweet.. and im super proud that she didn't bawl her make up off! miss you heaps! and we have to hang soon, mrs tam!!!

my only picture of the bride & groom..

pre-wedding pictures!! shannabanana in her bridal do & dick looking pious! and me? looking TOO tanned..

yayy!! VJC theatre girlies...had a wonderful time catching up with people i've seen in ages!!  =) we're so silly, had to take the exact same shot 7 times!!!

right after the above picture: moment of revealation!!

beautiful fayen back from auzzie!!

proof that we cannot take ONE normal picture..

love the bridesmaids dresses!! n the boootiful bridesmaids themselves.. wish i caught the floral toss on video! lene, you were hilarious!! =)

and as if that wasn't enough excitement for one day... *breaths*

-round two-

it was carol's wedding party... *hoots* this is the friends-only celebration after her ROM registration earlier last month! we trooped over to her place from bel's church which was conveniently across the road and dressed up again!! hehe.. so vain!

love carol's mirror.. enough for four!!

beautiful bride with a ghostly image of deaf in the mirror...

had to post this picture! cute as a button!

the pink couple!! oh!! and beat this! the groom was goin for some video/art installation exhibition that starts 1 hour before his own wedding!! so he was antsy at us gals cos we made him late with our dolling up.. and jumped out of the car at the junction of Hotel Rendevous(at a traffic light) so he could run across the road to NM!!! so i climbed unglamourously from the backseat to the front, glitzy heels, swishy dress and all and took over the wheel!! AND I PARALLEL PARKED at Arab Street!!! (Dad, Ying & Dan, if you are reading this, you must be super proud) hurry up,... someone buy 4-d!!! *grins*

picture of the party location : Blu Jazz with shaun's art work in the back ground.(p.s. its such a fun and aesthetically exciting place!) i was louging in the lazy corner chillin when took this shot. very amused at the girlies all flustered at setting up the event with their huge paperbags!! i love this type of wedding-planning!! so relaxed!! 

the party was a blast! shaun performed a hip-hop item twice and we managed to squeeze in a first dance for the couple! and the music was awesome..


this weekend will be all DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!!


  1. Wow! more weddings! I love your dress and you look good with the tan! ;D

  2. i look super burnt man. everyone commented on it.. *sigh* i didn't even intentionally lie in the sun!
    its the season to get married man!!

  3. yes! shanny & me go wayy back into our teens! *grins*


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