Monday, December 3, 2007

crab people crab people...

last week, we decided to dine at melben@ toapayoh for a crabby fix! thank you Carol and Shaun for the wonderful recommendation and dinner treat out of the blue!! woohoo!!... it was so much fun and such a mess... we hung around till the restaurant closed, refusing to budge!

poor little creatures... awww.. happy thoughts happy thoughts! they made really yummy chilli crabs, crabs beehoon, butter crab and im sure crab tung hoon as well.. i'll be back for more soon...

pre-dinner shots before we got our fingers too grubby to grab our cammies! (wow! im seriously tanned in comparison to them two..)

ms liu and her reservation card! hilarious!! after so many years of friendship, carol & deaf had no clue that was her surname and thought she facticiously made it up on the spot. right...

mantou & crab legs..!! they go so well together!! i mean the couple!

giant crab galore!!! the crab pincer is bigger than deaf's face!!! yummers!!

next up on our calendars, our "rollin' good times!" party.. also known as a popiah or anytype of wrapped food party!!


  1. wow!! YUM YUM!! I'm drooling all over here. :p
    and you're looking very pretty! did you do something to your hair?? your bang looks different? :D

  2. I went to Melben before but that was in 2003 and it was located in Ang Mo Kio. Has the stall shifted?? :)

  3. there is one still in AMK! this is a branch! this is has less crowd and shorter waiting time!!

  4. hahah.. it was superbly yummy!
    yes i got a cut! woohoo. and the blowout was super zai! made my curls all straight and manageable!


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