Tuesday, December 11, 2007


friday evening. must have been the caffeine or salma's encouragement or LT's textes.. i did something out of the ordinary. let my guard down, abandon my pride and went for it! well, im glad im able to laugh at it on hindsight but yes, it could have gone a little more favorably what... but no complains. its all good for now!

let's just say im not very good at this whole 'follow your heart' nonsense...

which lead to last night promise to dick that the next time she falls ill, i'll be there at the drop of the hat when she textes "HL.now.home.with heels."

im glad my friends benefit from my folly/silliness.


  1. meanie!
    Ur a meanie. My encouragement may not have worked out the way you wanted it to but it seems like ur insinuating something else, like I am a horrible fren. Wails! haha. kiddin. If u did, i will kick you. hehe.
    Sometimes doing something out of the ordinary does wonders to ones self esteem even tho it doesnt go the way you want it to cos I've heard,
    "Sometimes things dun go the way you want them to, but they tend to work out some way or another in the end"

  2. Re: meanie!
    hahaha.. you are a wonderful friend. i do need that little push in life in that aspect. cos im wayy too guarded and calculative! so many thanks to you. i would have rather it no other way..
    hope it works out the way i want it to!! *stomps on floor*
    p.s. whoever said 'silence is golden' is retarded.

  3. babe.. drop me your email at princess_zhing@yahoo.com please?!
    more *roll eyes* details to come!! its super dumbass..


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