Monday, December 31, 2007

'what are you going to do for countdown?'

honestly, i have no clue!

i've got no plans, cept for a bunch of house parties, a date, a bbq, a sick friend ('honey & lemon' coming your way,hon!!), a commited-to-sing-at-mass friend who wants to prata at 1am, an invite to go to 'one night stand'(again!!) to check out shuai ge.. (ya right,gals. good luck with that..), another jet-setting across the globe one who's cursing his worth for messing up his departure date (*pat pat*), a wedding next day and an enormous desire to toss self-pity outta the window, curl up in bed and say "its just another day in the year, no?" (say it and mean it without sounding like a jaded 70 year old, that is.)

you can't really blame me for not being too thrilled about trooping down the streets, counting down into someone's sweaty pits, worried about how many hours it will take me to wave down a cab, bar-hopping from place to place trying to churn out semi-intellectual conversation.. i mean, i don't even do it on a regular day basis.. what more on THE night of the year with thrice the crowd. i blame it on the age but i tend to prefer more low-key meaningful celebrations..

and lorraine once told me about her breakup with man-friend of 5 years 'someone once told me you should start the year with someone you want to spend the entire year with, and the person is not you.." owwwie.. im so glad i don't have to deal with that type of emotional baggage this year. i'm proud to say i've done everything that i can or should do this year, no regrets!

need to sit down and tie down my new year resolutions, make some concrete plans and im all good to go!

so bring it on, 2008. with or without the countdown shindigs, im ready for you!

p.s. those that have been requested to keep me in your new year wishes for *ahem* saucy reasons, please remember!!


  1. judy in va
    Neither do I have plans for new year's..Although I have time now to celebrate!!! But of course it's always fun to expect a new year right?? Happy New Year hon!!!
    We will be celebrating a new year some day together!! =)

  2. Re: judy in va
    thank you my dear!! *hugs* im looking forward to it too!! hopefully we get to hang out in the next year *fingers crossed!!*

  3. Hey love
    Have a crappy new year, doll! Ha. Kiddin. Make this yr work for you & keep it real aite.
    I'm back from London. Got loadsa post up in my livejournal blog.
    With regards to my love life, got some new perspective & major revamp is in order.
    We'll meet soon, hun!
    Love love.

  4. Re: Hey love
    you HAVE to meet me soon and update me hon!!! have a lovely year and i know you have something exciting up your sleeves!


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