Thursday, November 29, 2007

to be or not to be...

in the spirit of job-searching... how do you know where's that fine line between doing something you love and feel passionate about and something that pays well enough to compensate the pain of working? find it increasingly similar to relationships.. how do you know when to follow your heart blindly or to apply some god-damn common sense and practicality~~! (but thats another concern for another day!)

decisions, decisions, decisions...

i find myself always in this state when i start to look for signs or a booming voice of reason to make the final decision. so if anyone has a dream of me, please drop me a buzz! or a note! i'm putting my ass on the line tomorrow by noon!!


  1. Sigh
    The intricacies of life. Hard to explain hard to fathom eh. Haha. Anyhoo I'll be seein u with Weips on the 7th of Dec, no? Can hardly wait. And good luck.

  2. Re: Sigh
    on the 7th? i didn't know about that!!! *gasp* where and when?

  3. all the best girl! I'm sure only the best thing can happen to you! :D

  4. thanks my dear!!! hope im making the right decision!!!
    congrats on your bag! or purse..

  5. i just know you well! *grins* pictures soon...


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