Monday, November 12, 2007

weddings:: our princess got hitched...

carol is the prettiest of us bunch with her jet-black hair, rosy cheeks, immaculate dress sense and a complexion that sets Shu Qi to shame.. and we're still talking about her face thus far. looks aside, ahe is one of the most down to earth, intelligent, personable yet fun friend i've ever had.

and yesterday, she married shaun.. and we cannot be any prouder! the two lovebirds are the most steadfast and lovey-dovey couple i've met.. through the years, i have not witnessed an argument that lasted longer than a couple of minutes..and they are a perfect match cos they make each other better.

and we cannot be more glad to be her wedding elves/bridesmaids/helpers on her big day!

bright-eyed and early!! in our self-chauffered, self-decorated bridesmaids car.. check out the peonies.. me and deaf did them ourselves. one of the best looking bridesmaid car i reckon!!

i have never in my life met a more chillax bride.. she was more excited about taking pictures of us than the wedding itself...

dick, who just flew back into town the day before, thinking "what in the world? a 4 hour lunch and i have a 6 page list of things to do?"

gatcrashing solo! he passed with flying colors. he quality of performance completely floored us and the bride, so we let him in...

deaf fooling round with the bridal barbie...

love this picture!! we were hard at work!

finally a moment to rest our stilleto-clad feet...

job completely done!! time for us to take explore the museum!!

and take silly shots of us selling satays..

i think deaf makes a very very hawt man..

i miss dick and her silly antics...

this is moments before shaun announced on stage "get my brothers on stage to help with the yumseng...*pause* dickkkk??? where are you?" hence, her WTF expression!

entire clan of wedding-elves!

eeeeee!!! my lovely-married friends! i love you very very much. it was one of the happiest and most heart-warming weddings i've been to. who needs million dollar floral budgets and lacy table linen? its the people there that matters.. all you need is love.. lots and lots of it! =)

it has finally sunken in.
carol is married.



  1. awww.. very pretty bride and bridemaids and everybody!! your friends are lots of fun! love all the pics! the car is impressive too! :)
    and girl, you really lost weight lah. look at your slim arms! now you're just peerrrrrfect! :D

  2. very pretty bride..
    You will be a very pretty one too when it's your turn. So when r u? hehe

  3. i love the car!!! *brimming with pride*
    hahaha.. thanks for the compliments! i will keep working on my slimming plan!

  4. hahaha.. thanks for the compliments!
    no, not my turn anytime soon!!

  5. ahh! =) it was fun and at the same time nostalgic!!

  6. Such lovely pics the the bride is radiant!

  7. she is amazingly gorgeous and in daily life, she looks exactly the same!(well minus flower in head and cheongsam..) im super envious.


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