Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Man Alert!

This is an advertorial!!

Mr. Eligible Bachelor...

The end product!! ! a tableful of kua-zi for me!!! (cos i don't know how to/ don't want to ruin my teeth cracking them)

ok there are gazillion pictures more complimentary but this one catches him in the act!!! seriously how sweet is that! and he is intelligent, charming, dashing and completely available! the occasion is none to blog about but the company that evening was nothing short of fun!! lets see, we were rattling non-stop about hospital on-call rooms, strict army rules *cough cough*, gah-men year end bonuses... silly! and my evening ended with a gazillion lovely text-es and a tiny soft-serve icecream.. nice!!

hope we were not too rowdy! and most of all, hope we made you feel betta, missy!


  1. What a sweet guy!! am surprised there're still this kinda guy available!
    i'm impressed! all the gua zi are like identical after he partial removed the shell for you!

  2. you guys definately made me feel better, definately nice to have frens ard! haha and I strongly agree with him being super eligible! haha.
    Love ya dear!

  3. *hugs* me too...
    well, actually we did manage to meet up afterall huh? not the best reason to meet up, but hey! it did materialize.

  4. hehehe!! =)
    he is a professional gua-zi desheller! (awkward job title) it came a point in the evening when someone else asked "so how you crack guazi without wetting the guazi with saliva" and i turned round to verify that i have not been munching on wet guazi.. it was like in movies when the world came to a slow-mo stop.. (but he confirmed it all dry!) so sick to think about it!! ewwww..


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