Tuesday, November 27, 2007

fashion faux-pas

very belated post of our mid-week evening out with the gals...

we were trooping around arab street checking out the gorgeous bridesmaids dresses they tailored for Bel's wedding and finally settled in Blu Jazz Cafe for dinner.. everything was fine and dandy till deeeeek arrived!!! it was hilarious! we were both wearing the exact same dress, cept i bought it in Rome and she in Shanghai! hehe... what are the odds right??? 

me looking more amused than dick! =) and we couldn't sit or walk together for the entire evening. no fun! methinks we should get deaf to tailor the same dress and pass it off as bridesmaids dresses for carol's... ]

and the girlies' response to our huge fashion no-no?
"what in the world!?!"

our retarded interpretation of houndstooth print. out of a lack of verbal description... we had to resort to such measures... 

in case you don't know what houndstooth is... 


  1. heehee. what a great coincidence!! i'm sure two two of you must have been busy "avoiding" each other that night! ;p

  2. hehe.. would be so embarrassing if we didn't know each other la.. imagine if it was at an office party or wedding dinner... but we kept telling each other "hey! good taste!" and "wah.. nice dress leh!!"


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