Friday, November 30, 2007


love it! in its entire cotton-candiness, skipping in the street, lovey-dovey-ness.. i loved the story, the gritty grimy NY city, catchy tunes and the excellent stereotyped-to-a-T cast! *winks* it came at a right moment! in my opinion, everyone needs a little dose of "once upon a dream" and "happily ever after" ever so often to jolt them out of plain ole boring practicality and to add a skip to their step and this movie did it for me.

boy did it make my heart skip a beat!

its not the scrubs! nor the puppy dog eyes... its just him!! *swoons*


  1. Swoons
    I loved the show too, yet to blog on it. Its fan-fuckin-tastic, aite? I thought Weips chked with you too. Its 7th december, she said drinks & maybe a bit of dancing. Not sure yet. I dun have ur no darlz.. Email me aite.

  2. Re: Swoons
    hehe.. you can tell?? dancing and drinks sound right up my alley! keep me in the loop!!
    emailed you!

  3. I enjoyed this movie tremendously too!! :D
    Love her big sparkling eyes! kinda funny how she doesn't stand out in "catch me if you can"

  4. oh! till you said it, i didn't know she was from 'catch me if you can'!!

  5. lonely in VA
    I knew it would be fun to watch!!!
    But but but....
    I need Zhingy...............boohoo.......

  6. Re: lonely in VA
    awwwww babe!!! silly goosie.. go watch it! its worth it. remember we caught the trailers during shrek???
    if you can come visit meeee.... *hugs* love ya!


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