Wednesday, November 28, 2007

bintan with dancers:: blissful weekend...

warning: long post ahead...

it has been a long while since i've had a wonderful weekend so when the gals suggested a short retreat to bintan, i jumped at it!  what's life without little indulgences? the warmth of girlie company, non-stop 48 hours of fun activities and promise of great food and a luxurious suite to boot! what more can a girl ask for! *grins*

haha as fen noticed, it was kinda like being in a singaporean chalet! almost everyone is from our little red dot and even the currency used was SGD! darnit. i brought heaps of USD hoping that i was able to utilize it...

raring to leave with my lovely friends... my raybans plastered to my face cos i didn' have makeup one.. *tsk* such insecurities!

chilling by the pool with my "strawberry in pajamas" (was supposed to be banana in pajamas, a concoction of banana smoothie and other tropical fruit juice, but me being such a picky eater made them replace it with strawberry smootie instead..) turned out, jerine loved it so much she ordered it the next day! yayy to me! but since it was such a beautiful day, promptly after lunch by the pool, me n jerine splashed into the pool for a post lunch dip. it was nice and quiet sans rowdy kids. i like it that way.. we took a variety of embarrassing shots (of me) and glamourous ones (of fenzy)!!

i wonder who's the betta photographer man...

our verandah facing the water! it was beautiful! if only we had our cocktails in hand and a sunset to stare into.

me getting cosy on the lounge chair, refusing to budge for a long while..

getting DIY pedicures done. why o why do i look like a maid scrubbing the tub and fen looks like the boss lady all glammy here! maybe its here lux satin bathrobe... or the fact that i was perched so unglamourously trishaw rider style on the edge of the tub! *grrr*

rubba dub dub, three mommas in the tub!! getting our foot soaked in pepperminty suds and deliciously warm water bubbling from the jacuzzi!! it was pure bliss.. i could sit there forever.. well and then we did mud masks which was no fun cos we couldn't tell jokes and giggle anymore so i bailed..

more face stuff! jerine brought us weird charcoal nose patches, which was oww-y and did not lift a single thing from my nose.. we look seriously retarded here.. but neh-mind! who's judging.. it has been a while we had a chance to play dress up together. to think of it, we used to do this regularly. plonk ourselves next to each other with our severly loaded makeup bags and 'put on our face' (as we called it in the past, in layman terms, put on stage makeup)...

the end result!! *wolf whistles* and fen whipped out her magic 8-in-1 curling tongs... she has all kinds of weird shapes (like triangle!!!) and insisted we all sat down and prettify our locks!

and i got curls!! weeheee!!! this is our luxurious huge bed which we cosy-ed in later in the evening!! beautiful, innit?

dinner was a yummy seafood treat at the Kelong (25 mins from our resort). it was all so laid-back and relaxed and we ordered a storm!! haha.. goo thing my dress didn't have a fitted waistline!!!

post-dins swirly shots! all gigglish from the alchie, we were in a state of delirium!!! the swirly lights was how we felt! and no, we were not drunk silly but just enough to decide to shimmy up to the supposedly swanky bar : Silk but it was a sore disappointment cos the band playing was REALLY LOUD! like uncomfortably loud and didn't help they were belting out yelling tunes... and no one was on the dancefloor.

unfaltered, we decided to entertain ourselves by dancing in the living room. and since between the few of us, we knew a coupla different styles, we threw ourselves headfirst into a mini dance camp! hilarious! i still maintain that my jive steps looks like im crippled! and the gals couldn't take bachata seriously! how unprofessional!!! (heh.. honestly, i cant too.. since the one and only time i tried it on the dancefloor left me and partner in perils of laughter, both agreeing we were "NOT HAWT!" )

and after working up a sweat, we got comfy in PJs and popped in the korean movie "200 lbs pretty woman" (direct translation). i kept dozing off in between.. i loved the movie, the soundtrack was amazing and the lithe female lead motivated all of us to set new goals and lose weight, all while munching on onion snackies.. (right..) but i didn't like the message behind the movie. no wonder so many gals are anorexic!! and i dozed off to a night-long succession of odd dreams..

girls!! this is pre-weight loss regime! next time we're back, we'll have a better silouette shot, deal??

next morning was spent snacking, lounging, in-room massaging, jaccuzzi-ing, rolling on the beach to the crashing waves and more pool-side chilling and heaps of "i don't wanna go home.." laments before we caught the evening ferry back to reality!

ok, here you go ladies! done and done! im shamefully the last to blog about it.. so you can find their versions on their blogs! love you both heaps as well, and im super glad we made it there! there should be more trips like this! fuss-free and cat-fight-free!! here's to another 10 years of friendship! *clink bintang beer glasses*

next stop, korea!


  1. lonely in VA
    I miss summer times, beaches, tropical cocktails etc... and of course you!!!!! Don't go to Korea w/o me...Sooooo many places I want to take you to!!
    love you!!!

  2. hi gal, i FINALLY! have time to read your blog! wow you look like you had a blast of a time in bintan! which resort did u go to, it looks fantastic!your curls look pretty, maybe you should consider perming your hair! =)

  3. hihi!! i meant to drop you a note to let you know my stitches are removed!! (gross..) and im alright!
    i have natural curls so perming makes it a nightmare! and we were in Bintan Lagoon Resort! the floral suite was so pretty!! you should go with your hubs for a short weekend getaway..

  4. Re: lonely in VA
    certainly, my love!
    i keep telling everyone i've to visit korea soon cos judy is getting married.. haha i added the last part myself! (p.s. i even found someone to marry you just in case... but thats a story i have to email you about haha..)

  5. gosh!! this looks just like heaven!! the suite is so pretty! and ofcoz the girls are all very pretty too!! this trip really look like so much fun! *envious*

  6. thanks babe.. yeah it was a lot of fun.
    im fascinated at how romantic weekends and girlie weekends are soooo different in logistics and day-to-day schedule!! but still so enjoyable..


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