Sunday, October 14, 2007

old school..

have been spring cleaning my wardrobe and workspace ever since my return. i promised myself i'd be a junk nazi. and throw EVERYTHING OUT. seriously, i was the biggest packrat!!! i saved love notes, collected every and anyone's neoprints, had writing pads of all types and loads and loads of pictures!! then i found at the bottom of my utility box, my pager!! and boy did it bring back memories...
- receiving pages with 177155-4 (code for miss you) and 51212142 ( i love you..)
- lining up at the school public phone during reccess to punch in the above meaningless numbers for my then squeeze.. ( i was in a gals school.. )
- hiding it in the inside pockets of my shorts under my uniform so i won't get spot checked!!!
- 13-15-19 would mean bishan mrt station control, 15 mins, the boyfriend..

brought a smile to my face..  and i secretly chucked it back into the box for keeps...


  1. I remember those times when we'll so skillfully alpha text each other. texting without looking at the keypad of the phone! Those are the days gone by! =)

  2. hahah these sure bring back memories!! I remember I can't alpha text for nuts! the other person always got to call me back and ask what i paged her. haha boy, was i glad they invented the sms. =p

  3. goodness! it was crazy and yet fun at the same time
    i bet one day we will look back at how fast we text message now and marvel!!

  4. hahah! =) im glad too. there was nothing else that couldn be sent other than i love you, i miss you and where to meet! how boring!


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