Sunday, September 23, 2007

the witching hour..

3am. the clock strikes three and jet lag sets in.. darnit! this is already day 3 and im still living life the US time!! and judy, tell me again its not old age setting in??

and her smart remedy to the solution " sleep when its time to sleep, and wake up when its time to wake up " thanks man. thats really helps!

thought this picture was hilarious! me getting my look together and her, obviously not thrilled...

thank you babe.. for 2 years worth of wonderful gifts, lovely memories and countless vacations and day trips we that we spontaneously took together! living with you is as fun as it sounds. it was a never-ending slumber party filled with long movies, silent internet surfing surmounting in horrendous online shopping sprees and cooking sessions!! i wish i could write down every great advice, silly moment and joke we shared but i guess no need for that, cos i will remember!! hopefully NYC was not the last trip cos we still have many unexplored territories to leave our marks!!

hahah... last friday in JFK airport both of us hiding on either sides of Marcin yelling "tell her to stop crying.." silly gooses! =) i know it was a 'seeya later, alligator' but i just felt at a loss because you will be so faraway.

thanks for loving me the way i am, flawed, lazy and fickle-minded! you have certainly left a mark in my life in the same way i hope i have in yours as well..

till next year, my best friend! *hugs*


  1. oh girl you look so stylo in the jacket. =p
    It's such fortune to have a best friend who loves you as you are.. =)

  2. love you
    of all the words I want to say....I love you~
    I'm making a blog so that you can see my pics and life with out you here in Williamsburg...just wait!!! =)

  3. Re: love you
    i can just look at pictures from the korean one! no need to bother making a new one!!
    i love you too!!!!! =) muah!!

  4. blessed thats what i am! =)
    hahah thats my ghetto hiphop jacket!! so poseurish especially with the fur! *grins*


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